Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello everyone! Yay for the TNN Knitting Blog! I've been knitting since relearning from my Mum last August. I've progressed from soakers to longies to hats to socks to sweaters to felted bags!

So here's what I've been knitting... my last finished project is a sweater (my first) for DS. It's a cornflower blue merino wool that I picked up in the January Knitworld sale, so have had it a while. I adapted a pattern from a library book so that it's mostly knitted on circulars and upsized the gauge a little so I didn't run out of wool, which was a concern as I only had 5 balls. It was my first project for my Denise needles that DH picked up for me in the States in June. They are fabulous.

I'm now working on a felted bag. I had bought some $1/ball 100% wool at Spotlight in khaki green just because it was a bargin. It seemed ideal for felting. I taught myself provisional cast on from Knitty (very cool, will use again) and made a rectangle base and then knit in the round up from there. The provisional cast on meant I didn't have to pick up any stitches across the wide side of the rectangle, just knit across the provisional stitches. The bag turned out too big after felting (too wide) so today I have cut a 2 inch strip from the centre and am sewing it back together. The join will be covered by fabric. The fabric is satin skirt that I love the fabric of but didn't wear so am recycling. This will be the lining fabric also. Have yet to decide on the closure and straps - probably the same fabric. I also have some matching beads to add accents. I just hope the finished product lives up to my imagination! Thanks for reading!


Blogger nova_j said...

hey judy, what length circs did you need to do the jumper? (just plotting for the next addi co-op.. shhh..)

4:03 PM  
Blogger jnsfnz said...

Uh, couldn't tell you - that's the beauty of the Denise set. I did use the 12" addis from the first co-op for the sleeves though.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Margo said...

I love the Denise set :-D Though now I'm getting needle-envy and am thinking of getting someone in the States to buy me the Knit-Pics Options instead.

10:38 AM  

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