Saturday, September 16, 2006

Moss Stitch Baby Throw

Originally uploaded by KiwiWonder.
Those who've been to any Auckland knittacino's recently have seen this before. It's the Moss Stitch Baby Throw blanket from the Debbie Bliss book "The Baby Knits Book". I started it when I was about 37 weeks pregnant I believe. Zamara's now 2 months old and I'm still not finished. It is coming along though - the pattern calls for it to be 28 inches, and I've got 18 so far. Only another 2 skeins of white left too... I figure I'll just knit until I run out of wool, and stuff measuring it all the time :-D


Blogger jnsfnz said...

I think you're very brave to tackle a moss stitch project that large! All that switching yarn front & back = yikes! ;)

3:03 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

Yeah, ditto!!! I LOVE moss stitch but reserve it for very small parts of little garments!!! Well, done a whole blanket!!

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Gabes said...

Wow! Looks lovely. I love Debbie Bliss's knitting books

10:34 PM  

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