Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have never knitted anything not-clothing before so this was a new thing to try. I had this gorgeous book by Zoe Mellor Nursery Knits from the library and just couldnt resist this so cute knitted dolly.
It was very easy to do and quite quick. Each piece is only 30 sts by 40 odd rows, not to much shaping etc so it didnt take too long to be finished
I used cheap acrylic wool I got for $1/25g (Panda Disco) but this will mean easy to care for and the colours were so bright and funky.
I went to my Mums to stay for the school holidays so made her help me with the stuffing, which was a bit of PITA but worth the effort for such a cute end result.
I am even thinking of doing another one for a pregnant friend....CG suggested I make one for M too so maybe.....


Blogger Chaucey said...

That is a cute doll. I'm so impressed that it was your first project. Wow!

4:29 PM  

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