Monday, December 10, 2007

Must be nesting

It must be the nesting bug, I normally leave projects "almost finished" for weeks and here are two projects both finished in the same fortnight, neither of which were urgent... But hey I'd rather knit than clean - what can you say?

On the left we have the minisweater from oneskienwonders (off the website) I'm contemplating ordering in the book/s, I'm thinking they would be good projects for presents, and a good way to get through both Mum's stash of odd balls and a good excuse for rumaging through the end of batch baskets at our local wool shops. The sweater is a little small in length for my liking (probibly because I adapted the pattern from 6.5mm needles down to 6mm) so I might redo the bottom and add a couple more rows...

On the right is a very plain beanie out of inca (using up a left over ball from the poncho I made a few months ago for DS) I didn't have a pattern for using inca so I had to guesstimate it (I've only made one before) based on the pattern I had for zoomy, the first attempt was too small so much to the shock of our guests I unravlled and started from scratch. It was definitely worth it though, DS keeps picking it up and putting it on, and yesterday when he was tired was cuddling it like a blankie.

Now I'm starting some little toys for the abundance of babies that will be due the same time as ours... I figure we will be a bit tight on time and money when baby is due so I might as well get some pressies put asside now! Oh yes and a little knititng for baby although not too much as my Mum and Nana are super-knitters (although I get to do all the circular knitting as they are both scared of DPN"s and Circ's)


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