Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blog Challenge

I'd intended for my previous post to be for the Blog Challenge (i.e., what projects are you working on) but the more I thought about it the less it seemed fair, because that's what I was working on.

So, this has been on the needles for approximately two weeks now, during which time I think I've worked on it two days. It's a scarf (Wavy from Knitty) for my midwife, as I've never seen her without some form of scarf, done in Chocolate Utiku. A bit late, I know, but I figure I'll wrap it and she can call it Christmas if she wants ;-D The picture isn't the best because you can't see the pattern well, but you can in person.

And this is my newest project - a variation of the previous booties. I realised belatedly that the photo is taken of the wrong-side, and the picture really doesn't show the colour well (it's a beautiful sort of plum) but it's what I'm focusing my efforts into at the moment.

And there's still the blanket. Which hasn't progressed at all. Actually that's a lie - I started off last week determined to finishing it - in fact, made a LOT of progress on it - when I realised that I'd gotten quite off pattern and my moss stitch had become 1x1 ribbing and so I had to frog about two inches. Which was at least two days work and I because understandably discouraged. It's nothing I can't handle (and I have progressed a tiny bit since then) but it hasn't been the first thing I'm reaching to pick up to work on, either.


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