Friday, October 13, 2006

My to-do-list

Well for someone who's only onto their 3rd knitting project, I have an awful lot on my to-do-list!
I'm currently working on some tinybird longies, they are a practise because I have amended the pattern. When I am happy with my amended pattern I plan to make (in no particular order):
- longies with a pawprint pattern on one leg & a cat pattern on the other leg, to have a go at intarsia. I've found the intarsia patterns & I have the wool waiting to go, and I did a practise paw-print swatch and it seems fairly easy...
- classic cream treliske merino longies (might make them to fit next winter, I'm a pretty slow knitter!)
- might as well make a treliske merino soaker as well. maybe with a pink intarsia star on the butt if I can be bothered.
- I have pink flannelette with a hello kitty pattern on it to make a fitted nappy, I thought I'd make a pink soaker with hello kitty on the butt to match; I already have the wool for that too. I'll use one of these patterns
- I like the little dress in Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners, I think I will do that (but not in Debbie Bliss yarn at $13 a ball!)
- I also thought I'd try the little singlet pattern thats with the tinybirds soaker pattern. It looks easy, I might do that before the Debbie Bliss dress.

So thats just for starters. But as I am really not very fast at knitting (and some days I only have 10 minutes spare to knit!) this may take a while...


Anonymous Gabes said...

Hey JJJ thats quite a list LOL. Yell out if you need a chart for a star for you soaker. I have one I can send you :)

10:55 PM  

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