Friday, October 20, 2006

Gabes TO DO List

Well I dont feel *quite* so bad now reading everyone elses TO DO's....

Heres mine:

The half completed.........
1 1/2 arms of a 2nd dolly. Gift for a pregnant friend. Have until Jan sometime to get her all finished.
1 arm and the back of a wrap cardy for little DD. Had to go get some wool which I've done but havent actually done anymore knitting on it. Luckily the pattern was size 1-3 so it should fit for next winter (luckily). It seems pretty roomy so sizing should be OK. Its in a hummingbird varigated 8ply, Lovely and soft

The havent started..............
Soaker for SS - size medium I think
Soaker for swapsies- size medium as well
Soaker for DD - was going to do a really detailed one with fairaisle and stuff for under summer skirts but can't see me getting to that now :(
NB size soakers for pregnant friends (getting New Mum to make me some fitteds to give to them so need to make 2x NB soakers)- again have until Jan to do them both

And I really really want to do a special scarf for my Mum for Xmas but need to see if I can find some Rowan Kidsilk - which no doubt will be some astronomical price for 25g

Gave up on the idea of knitting jumpers for nephews for Xmas long time ago

Just not feeling the knitting groove at the moment. Probably daylight saving that did it :( Hoping writing this all down will scare me into picking up some needles again!


Blogger nova_j said...

ooo please tell me that the cardi for your dd is a free one on the net!!

8:34 PM  

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