Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Way Better Than Magic Mushrooms

well, i have been a member here from the beginning, and I have commented on other posts, but I realise today I have yet to make a real post on this blog. So here I am :) Back on topic, so what is better? Not that I am qualified to make that comparison seeing as I won't even be able to recognise magic mushroom if i see/smell it - really. It just sounded like it might make for a captivating title. So take it from a self proclaimed nana, if you knit, when you realise how easy it is to do Magic Loop (don't know how to do the cool link thing so you can just click on the words Magic Loop and be transported to the link, so here it is ) seriously, you'll experience an exhilirating high. Thank you so much Flower for showing me this technique - now i will be on the look out for all those 80-100cm circular needles in the thrift shops i use to see but never dreamed I'd actually find any use for.

Here is a snapshot of Magic Loop in action.
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