Saturday, September 30, 2006

Angela's goods on the go.

Audrey Doodlepants. Utiku Orchard.

This is my 1st attempt on circulars. I must admit once I got the hang of them they are very easy. Although I have had to stop as was waiting to borrow 30cm ones so I could do the legs.

Hoodie in Utiku Mixed Berry. I only have the hood and 1 sleeve to go but am finding it hard to keep motivated to do this.

Its gonna be fine for DS now but was really wanting it for next winter. Some lucky TNN're will be the recipent of this when I finally get the motivation to finish it.

blog challenge..

Ok so since it was my idea i suppose i should put mine up.. lol

This is the beginning of a little cardy called Tigger from Knitty for alexis! I did all that in the car going to whangarei & back yesterday, which i'm quite proud of lol.. ok, so i'll admit that i'm using acrylic for it, but it was only $1.50 for 100g! and its my first attempt at something this complex, so call it a practise run ;-)

and this is the soaker i'm doing out of my kool-aid wool.. you just just see the very subtle variations in the colour! lol... i'm up to the crotch, but i've gone & lost my little bag of dpns, mini circulars etc *sigh* thats why i started the cardi...

1st Blog Challenge!!

Heh Heh Heh... i thought we should start some blog challenges!
So i figured the first one should be....

Show us what you're working on at the moment!!

Post pics of what projects you have underway!! No excuses! lol

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finished felted knitting bag

Okay ladies - here's the update... the finished product!

And an inside view - pockets for my Denise needle case, circulars, stitch holders, crochet hook & needle gauge sizer, scissors, and elastic holders for pen and tape measure. Yay to be so organised! I've also knitted a little purse to hold stitch markers and will felt another "pillow" to put my wool sewing needles into, both with left over wool. Everything shall have it's place!

It's not perfect, but I'm sure once it's been in use a little while I'll forget about the things that didn't go exactly right - I'm still a little to "close" to it right now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gabes Knitting Pictures

This winter I have been having a go at trying to use different colours in my knitting. Previously I've just been doing plain colour or getting interesting colours by using varigated wool.

Knitting stitch - embroidering detail on afterwards using knitting stitch. NOT a good idea for a dimly lit lounge and black wool!! A bit too fiddly for my liking

Fairaisle - where the different strands of wool are looped behind right across the row.

Intarsia - where you have separate balls of wool for each block of colour. Can get a bit messy/tangly but you dont get distortion of the image because the wool isnt pulled behind it.

Karen's first attempt to knit

Lucyta's Mum
This is my first ever "real" knitting project, a soaker for Lucy, still has no leg bands and no cord string but is still functional.
I was a bit put off to keep knitting after seen so many wonderful soakers out there.
This blog has inspired me to keep knitting and keep trying to improve this new skill.
I have never been a "crafty" person, however the desire of creating something beautiful with my own 2 hands has awaken a new side of me.
I hope my next projects get better and more creative.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sour Worms wool!

Heh heh! My Sour Worms kool-aid wool! I've got two more balls to wind still.. For 200g i used 2x Lemon Lime & 3x Berry Blue, but it has come out more greenish.. I'm not as patient as Claire, so i did mine in the microwave.. folded the hank in two & dipped it half into the kool-aid, thus dipping 2 quarters.. zapped it for 2min, let it sit, zapped it again, let it sit some more, then repeated with the other 2/4 in the other colour 8-) I (duh!) realised that kitchen tongs are really useful for handling hot, wet wool too! lol

Monday, September 18, 2006

Treliske Organic cardi

Bio-Natur 8ply organic lambs wool from Treliske.
Approx 6 month size (yes it still needs buttons!)

Instructions for Dying Wool with Koolaid- Variegated look

As requested....

For a strong colour effect-use 4-5 packets per 100g wool
For Pale use 2-3 per 100g

210 mill Water and 30 mil vinegar per packet. (7:1 Ratio)

What to do:
Soak yarn in mild soap and luke warm water for 20-30 min.

Empty your packages of of drink mix [important: use no sugar!] into a pot (or several pots if your doing variegated), Add water and vinegar. Stir to dissolve. Bring water to a simmer, Turn the element off. (or cheat as I did and use Boiling water from the jug and let it cool a bit while the wool soaks)

Add your yarn, leave for 20-30 min OR until the water turns milky white or clear. (Mine only took 2-3min)

~~When using more then one colour, add the lightest colour to the dye first. dye a little more then you would like to show in the final result. (this allows you to blend the colours rather then having white patches). Then repeat for the other colours, leaving the bulk of each yarn in each pot, until water turns clear or milky.~~

Let it cool.

When the yarn has cooled, rinse it thoroughly in luke warm water (the same temperature as the yarn) [shocking wool with cold water could cause it to felt]. Wash the yarn in mild soap, rinse again.
Lay hank of wool onto a towel, fold towel around the yarn length ways. Placing a foot on one end of the towel and gently twist the towel, thus removing the excess water. Hang it the shade to dry.

I think that's it....Let Me know if this doesn't make sense.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

my latest project

its nice to have the knitting bug back.

finished these tonight, they're a present for a friends wee girl. hope they fit.

i loved doing them, so fast and i love all the girly stuff.

i'd love to do a jacket with the frills around the sleeves and bottom too.

now i'd better get onto hubbys blimmin slippers. he keeps harping on about them, going on about his cold feet, yadda yadda yadda.

Liz's creations

The soaker I knitted for the Fistula auctions on TM.

(using the free Alice soaker pattern from with permission)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lollipop- The Beginnings of a Hat

Originally uploaded by cabbettenz of WiggleBums
Hubby finally brought the camera back. After I had wound the wool, I Just couldn't wait to see what it would look like, Knitted.

8 Ply NZ Wool, By Wanaka Station.
Dyed with Koolaid, Tangerine and Blue Raspberry

Camera also came back with awesome pics of My wee boy playing at Nana's. So Cute!!

Strawberry Sundee

Strawberry Sundee
Originally uploaded by cabbettenz of WiggleBums
Quoting Nova: I can't wait to see claires kool-aid efforts!!! (hint hint!)

Well here we are.....

Thanks to Nova for the Awesome Blog......

5 Ply NZ Merino Wool, Dyed with Koolaid- Pink Lemonade, Cherry and Black Cherry...Smells really Yummy!!

....3 pots of dye on the stove, With the vinegar in it.
Did the pink 1/3 first....Next time I will put more of it in, so that I don't have any of the white showing at the end.
Leave it in the pot....even though the colour had all been absorbed in the first 2 min...

Then add the second 1/3 to the cherry mix...and the last to the Black cherry.
Had to move the wool a little to coat the white patch in the middle....

Its really quick.

LTK Soaker

LTK Soaker made in newborn size for Pookee's friend. Tekapo Summertime wool. I only started knitting again (since my one and only scarf creation as a kid) in about August of 2005. I wanted to make a pair of longies for my daughter so got my mum over to teach me how to knit (I'd already bought 4 balls of Tekapo wool in a co-op). It took me a while to do my first project but I haven't stopped knitting since, I seem to have projects coming out my ears!! The ladies down at the local knitting shop now know me as the cloth nappy lady :D I've only been in there 1/2 a dozen times, honest!!!

Kool-Aid dyeing!

My first kool-aid dyeing attempt! lol.. We used Berry Cherry & Black Cherry, we spent an hour & a half dabbing it on in stripes trying to get a variagated effect, but once it was 'cooked' the stripes just disapeared! lol.. but it did come out quite a nice watermelon colour with very subtle shade variations.. any suggestions what i should make with it? its only 100g and i don't really have any other colours that go with it..?

I can't wait to see claires kool-aid efforts!!! (hint hint!)
Hello everyone! Yay for the TNN Knitting Blog! I've been knitting since relearning from my Mum last August. I've progressed from soakers to longies to hats to socks to sweaters to felted bags!

So here's what I've been knitting... my last finished project is a sweater (my first) for DS. It's a cornflower blue merino wool that I picked up in the January Knitworld sale, so have had it a while. I adapted a pattern from a library book so that it's mostly knitted on circulars and upsized the gauge a little so I didn't run out of wool, which was a concern as I only had 5 balls. It was my first project for my Denise needles that DH picked up for me in the States in June. They are fabulous.

I'm now working on a felted bag. I had bought some $1/ball 100% wool at Spotlight in khaki green just because it was a bargin. It seemed ideal for felting. I taught myself provisional cast on from Knitty (very cool, will use again) and made a rectangle base and then knit in the round up from there. The provisional cast on meant I didn't have to pick up any stitches across the wide side of the rectangle, just knit across the provisional stitches. The bag turned out too big after felting (too wide) so today I have cut a 2 inch strip from the centre and am sewing it back together. The join will be covered by fabric. The fabric is satin skirt that I love the fabric of but didn't wear so am recycling. This will be the lining fabric also. Have yet to decide on the closure and straps - probably the same fabric. I also have some matching beads to add accents. I just hope the finished product lives up to my imagination! Thanks for reading!

heh heh what do you think of how our blog looks now? any ideas of things you'd like? :)

Moss Stitch Baby Throw

Originally uploaded by KiwiWonder.
Those who've been to any Auckland knittacino's recently have seen this before. It's the Moss Stitch Baby Throw blanket from the Debbie Bliss book "The Baby Knits Book". I started it when I was about 37 weeks pregnant I believe. Zamara's now 2 months old and I'm still not finished. It is coming along though - the pattern calls for it to be 28 inches, and I've got 18 so far. Only another 2 skeins of white left too... I figure I'll just knit until I run out of wool, and stuff measuring it all the time :-D
Newborn Aubrey Doodlepants with gussets

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Nappy Network NZ knitters blog!