Saturday, January 27, 2007

Small and Fiddly but oh so fast.....

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For a NNer's neice as my part of a swap. Nice and quick but a bit fiddly to sew up (never my favourite part). A fab way to use up the leftovers. These are from some ancient pattern books my Mum had (they have pictures of a Farrah Fawcett doll!). Have a few more to do yet but need to get on with some other things so will take a breather from this project for awhile.

Summer Bikini
Winter Accessories
Chunky knit sweater and skirt

Thursday, January 25, 2007


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The suede shawl is done! (see my list of 2007 projects :-D ) It's a gift for a friend in Texas, though I think it suits me well. :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

2007 Knitting Project List

  • Finish pink triangular shawl (a gift for a friend)

  • Finish brown / cream baby blanket

  • Longies for Beck's DD

  • Finish scarf (Wavy from Knitty)

  • Socks for myself (first pair!)

  • Socks for DH (assuming all goes well with mine ;-)

  • Dress for DD (probably the same one as I did for my SS gift, but possibly a Debbie Bliss Pattern)

  • Longies for DD

  • Socks for DD

  • Moccasins for DD

  • Afghan / Throw blanket (though I don't realistically expect this finished in 2007, but started would be good)

I'd also really like to do a piece of “real” clothing for me, but so far I'm chicken and haven't found the exact right wool yet – or the money to buy said wool with.

2007 projects!

Since i've just posted my project list, it made me think....

What is on your 2007 knitting project list?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my resolution & a debbie bliss whinge...

first, my new resolution- i have decided to establish as part of my routine

The Stitching Hour!

heh heh.. how it works is if i am still up at 10.30pm (which is normal) i have to stop what i am doing (which is usually pottering around tidying..) and knit! i figure it will acheive 3 beneficial things- 1. get some knitting done (duh..) 2. be a good way to wind down, and 3. help combat the insidious feeling that i never get to do any 'me' stuff! :-D anyone care to join me?

second, my debbie bliss whinge... i got Debbie Bliss' Quick Baby Knits out of the library.. but nearly all of it is on 3.25mm needles! >:-( unless you are knitting a nose cosy, anything knitted on 3.25mm is certainly NOT quick! *sigh* anyone know if any of her other baby books deal with real needles, like 4mm+ or even better 5mm?