Monday, October 23, 2006

Sharonnz' 3rd Blog Challenge

Compared to what I have spent in my mind, my actual purchases are quite the moment! As knitting takes over nappies (as Gus gets closer to toilet training) I'm sure this will change.
* Buying my Addi Turbos seemed extravagent at the time but oh so worth it...I plan to upgrade all my circulars eventually.
* Buying online soaker/longie patterns also seemed way out...but plans for subscribing to overseas knitting magazines will make this pale in comparison;-)
* Starting my knitting/crochet book collection has been an extravagent squeeze on the budget. I only have Vintage Knits & The Happy Hooker but Alterknits and Knitting Rules! will be winging their way home to me in a week!!
* My yarn stash is the epitome of restraint (currently!). The emergent concept of buying yarn without a project in mind has landed me with a wee bit of hemp yarn.


Blogger jnsfnz said...

Have you resisted adding to your Addis stash with the Greenbeans needles, or are you one of the ones responsible for the "out of stock"?????

2:25 PM  

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