Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Santa Pants

These started out as The Practise Pants because they are my first longies and I wanted to play around with the pattern, so I thought I'd have a go with some cheap wool before making longies with my more pricey wool. They are the tiny birds pattern for the body, downsized to fit in both width and length. For the legs I just knitted them straight with moss stitch cuffs instead of decreasing to ribbed cuffs like the pattern. I am really pleased with the fit of them, I'm quite chuffed with myself that I managed to alter to pattern to fit her *proud beginner knitter moment*.

I added the white trim to make them more interesting, everyone seems to be making gorgeous variegated longies and I thought plain red would be a little boring. Once I'd finished the first legs I realised that they were gonna look rather christmassy! *oops*

I discovered that I'm not very good at sewing, my seams look a little messy. Nevermind, I have addi turbos on their way from Greenbeans! Plus my increasing is a bit ugly (which makes that front seam even worse) because my nana showed me her way of doing it, and it puts a purl stitch in the knit row. I think she does it to make it easy for her to count the rows, but I have been reading a Debbie Bliss book and she uses a tidier way which I will use next time.


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